Projects vs. Appointments

The ITRC offers a variety of services to Western instructors. Depending on your needs, you may not need to request a project with the ITRC. The following outlines the four major types of services we offer.

Support Appointments

The ITRC offers 1-on-1 support appointments to help Western instructors learn best practices in using eLearning technologies in their classes. These appointments are available both over Zoom and in our office in the Support Services Building.

Appointments are focused on implementing best practices and providing specific training on tools within OWL. If you are looking for immediate support in resolving a technical problem in your site, the WTS Helpdesk remains your best point of contact. ITRC appointments can be booked by submitting a ticket to the WTS Helpdesk.

Studio or Audio Room Bookings

The ITRC’s office includes both a physical studio space and a dedicated audio room. If you are interested in using either of these spaces, but do not require further involvement from the ITRC, you can request to book this space. Our team will assist you in operating the studio and audio recording spaces and will ensure you receive your necessary files after recording.

If you would like the ITRC’s assistance in editing your video or audio, you will need to open an ITRC project.

Equipment Rentals

The ITRC has a collection of audio-video equipment available for rent by any instructor. If you would like to borrow cameras, microphones, or tripods to record your own videos, but do not require the ITRC's assistance for post-production work, you can request to rent equipment. For more information, see our Equipment Rental page.

ITRC Projects

ITRC projects are more complex than single appointments or studio bookings – they involve creating a project team to realize a bigger piece of multimedia, whether that be a single video or a series of modules. Projects are staffed with a technical lead and a team of designers who will work with you to see through your project.

The rest of this guide will focus on ITRC projects.