Handbook to Working with the ITRC

Who we are

The Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) supports faculty who wish to integrate technology in their courses. The ITRC employs student multimedia designers who work directly with faculty on specific projects to create multimedia instructional material. We are equipped with current hardware and software to be used for the design of technology-enhanced instructional materials.

The ITRC team is made up of three different roles:

  • Digital Media Designers are undergraduate students who work on our team part-time during the fall and winter terms and full-time during the summer term. Each designer has specialized media development skills, from video production to web design. On the project team, they complete the media work, from prototype to finished project.
  • Digital Media Specialists are full-time members of our team who work closely with the designers to complete projects. They may take on media design work themselves, or they may take on a more administrative role in the project. On the project team, they work to complete media development much like the Designers, but they may also work directly with you to establish timelines.
  • eLearning Technology Specialists are full-time members of our team who often act as the technical lead of the project. They oversee the assigned work of the Digital Media Designers and Specialists and work with them to reach project deadlines. On the project team, they help determine the scope and timelines that the ITRC can reach for your project and work closely with the Designers and Specialists on the team to complete each assigned task on time.

What we do

Our team has experience working on a wide variety of projects from all faculties across campus that have utilized the following:

  • Video Production: We have a dedicated studio space in our office for recording many types of instructional videos. We can also record anywhere on campus – and potentially outside of campus, if the scope of the project allows for it.
  • Audio Production: In addition to our studio space, the ITRC also contains an audio room. This space is available for booking to record the best quality audio for your project. Our team can assist in editing audio files to account for any necessary corrections.
  • Graphic Design: From photo editing to vector graphic creation, our designers can help create stunning graphic assets for your project. Whether it’s a banner for your course site, a branding style guide for your large project, or a diagram for a concept you’re teaching, we can create it.
  • Animation: Our team has worked with many groups across campus to help convey complex ideas via animation. This includes everything from moving medical diagrams to whiteboard-style illustration videos.
  • Interactive Design: Using tools like Articulate Storyline and H5P, we also reimagine static presentations as interactive modules to enhance student learning. This may include the creation of quiz-type questions or the inclusion of interactive elements, like timelines and branching videos.

What we don't do

As we are specialized in media creation, there are aspects of the project process where we cannot provide the appropriate support. The ITRC is not versed in the following:

  • Content research and script development: When you come to the ITRC with a project, it is important to understand that you are responsible for providing all necessary content for your project. We are not subject matter experts, so we rely on you to provide the appropriate video scripts and visual aids for your material.
  • Copyright licensing retrieval: While we do have many stock resources at our disposal, sometimes you may want to use a specific image or piece of media in your project. If that piece is projected under copyright, you must gain clearance to use it by the copyright holders. Copyright @ Western is a great resource for learning more about copyright and how to reach out to the owners of the media you would like to use.
  • Performance and narration work: While our team will help you produce media and can offer an array of digital media tools for creating audio-visual materials, we cannot provide actors for videos, nor can we provide narrators to record any necessary voiceover material. If you require actors or narrators for your learning materials, you will need to find and coordinate the appropriate performers.
  • Hosting and maintenance: The ITRC does not offer long-term hosting for finished projects. You will want to consider where your finished project is going to live and whether there are product licenses you will need to acquire to support the project long term. If you require additional edits past your project’s closure date and you need the ITRC’s help to do them, you will need to open a new, separate project with us.
  • Alt text creation: Our project partners are expected to provide content of varying formats for their projects. If you are providing images for use in a project, you are also expected to provide descriptive alt text for those images. This is an important step in designing accessible media material for all learners.