Project Agreement

Once we have met and determined that we can take on your project, a technical lead will be assigned to your project. This may be the ELT member who you met with in your first meeting, or it may be another member of our teams. At that point, you and your technical lead will draft your project agreement together.

The project agreement outlines the description and the scope of the project and establishes agreements for revision periods and deadlines. It also highlights our policies on accessibility, copyright, and data retention.

Scope Agreement

If the scope of the project increases beyond what is outlined in the agreement, the increased work will not be taken on as a part of the project. For example, if we agree to complete six videos and throughout the process you find that you have ideas for two more, those added two videos would need to be requested as a separate project after the closure of the first project.

Revision Agreement

It is important to allow for adequate revision time so that the finished product aligns with what you want to achieve in your project. However, continually revising one piece of a project takes our focus away from completing others. In this agreement, we will set a defined number of revision cycles expected for the project. Requests for any revisions that exceed the number defined in the agreement cannot be guaranteed and will only be allowed at the discretion of the ITRC team lead.

Deadline Agreement

We will also define the deadline for this project for all parties. Deadlines listed in the agreement are considered firm, and no member of the project team should expect to continue work on the project after the agreed upon deadline. If further work is needed, an additional, separate project may be requested.