Wimba Live Classroom: Introduction

The following guide will cover:

For further documentation please read the Wimba Live Classroom: Advanced manualette.

What is Wimba?

Wimba Live Classroom is also known as Wimba Classroom, or simply Wimba. In this manualette, it will be referred to as Live Classroom.

Live Classrooms are fully-featured, virtual learning environments which aim to replicate real world classroom experiences. The University of Western Ontario licenses Wimba Live Classroom from Wimba, Inc., a New York-based learning solutions company. A Live Classroom is an application that runs inside a browser, allowing instructors and students to connect and communicate remotely in a virtual classroom environment. Live Classrooms are easily created and managed from within an OWL course.

Why use a Live Classroom?

Live Classrooms provide a huge array of features which enable the recreation of real-world classroom experiences. Live Classrooms can be used in a number of different ways, including distance studies classes, guest lectures, and virtual office hours.

Some of the many features available in a Live Classroom are:

Creating a Live Classroom in OWL

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Step 3:

Step 8:

  1. Log into OWL and select the course that you would like to add a Live Classroom to.
  2. Click on the build tab to enable build tools.
  3. Click on Add Content Link at the top of the page and select Live Classroom.
  4. Unless you have previously created a Live Classroom for your inventory, click on Create Live Classroom.
  5. Give your new Live Classroom a name and click Continue. You have the option to change the title later.
  6. Select Create New Room and click Continue.
  7. Adjust settings and click Save. The default settings should be adequate for most users.
  8. A link to your Live Classroom is now in your course content. You can move or edit this link as long as you are in the build tab.

Entering a Live Classroom

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Step 3:

Step 7:

Step 6:

  1. Click on the teach tab to enable instructor tools.
  2. Click on the link to the Live Classroom which you have created.
  3. Click on Enter this Room, which will open up a new browser window containing your Live Classroom.
  4. If this is your first time entering a Wimba Classroom, select Run Wizard, which will test your computer to make sure it can run a Live Classroom properly. If you have previously completed the wizard, select click here.
  5. Complete the wizard by following the instructions on screen. If you do not intend to use voice communication in your Live Classroom, you can skip the Playback and Recording sections of the wizard.
  6. When you have successfully completed the wizard, click the Launch! button to open up your Live Classroom.
  7. Your empty Live Classroom should now be open and active in its own window.

Further Documentation

For further explanation of Wimba Live Classroom's interface and features, please read our Wimba Live Classroom: Advanced manualette.

For official documentation of all Wimba Live Classroom features and capabilities, please read the Wimba Classroom 6.1 Presenter Guide.